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Kristina Junge RN, BSN NC-BC

18 years into my career as an RN and mother of four young children, I found myself completely burnt out both personally and professionally.  

For most of my life, I had been unknowingly chasing the unreachable goal of perfection.

I worked tirelessly to be the perfect daughter, the perfect student, the perfect Nurse, the perfect wife, and finally the perfect mother.

At just 38 years old,  I found myself completely exhausted, 42 pounds overweight, and overwhelmed by a host of physical ailments and digestive issues.

I spent nearly a decade neglecting my own health, poorly managing stress, and consumed by my children's chronic health issues.  The years of neglecting my physical, emotional and spiritual health, had taken its toll on me.  

I realized my current lifestyle was not stainable.  Furthermore, if I was to be the mother, wife, and person God created me to be; then my health and wellness need to become a priority.  


In 2019 I became a Board Certified Nurse Coach and started my personal wellness journey.  Through functional medicine, and nutritional and lifestyle modifications I supported my own health and the health of my children to wellness that we never imagined was possible.  

I have since earned my Blackbelt in Taekwondo, competed in several Jujstisu tournaments, and received 2nd Place in the NPC Rocky Mountain Championship Figure division for True Novice and women over 40.  

I founded Wonderfully Made Coaching to support my clients in achieving their holistic health goals.

I believe in a personalized and functional approach to wellness: mind, body, and spirit. 


No two people are alike, so my coaching approach is unique to you and your situation. 


You have ONE LIFE


This is your opportunity to become the greatest, healthiest version of yourself so that you can do the work you were uniquely created to do.



I am here to support you towards action to reach your goals, to develop the mindset to carry you forward, and to offer you the tools you need to be successful  

Let's get started... 

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