I know what it's like to intuitively know that something is going on with your child's health or your own health that isn't being validated. 

I spent nearly fifteen years navigating complex medical issues that my children faced in their lives.   I learned the part that epigenetics plays in the body's utilization of nutrients, neurotransmitters and hormones as well as the role the gut plays in both mental and physical health. 

Using nutritional approaches, addressing underlying infections, reducing inflammation and strengthening my children's immune system had a drastic effect on their overall health and mental well-being.  They experienced healing that Medical Providers told me was not possible. 

Unfortunately, during the time I was navigating my children's medical issues, I neglected my own health.  I put on 42 extra pounds along with the symptoms of migraines, chronic fatigue, PMDD (severe PMS), ovarian cysts, and a constant sense of overwhelm.

Seven years ago I decided that if I continued down this path, I would not have the health or capacity to show up for my family in the ways I wanted to if I didn't make a change.  

I started my health journey by joining Taekwondo with my boys and I started to make primal eating my way of life fueling my body nutrient-dense foods and reducing the number of processed foods I ate. 

I graduated from the Nurse Coach Collective in March of 2019 and became a Board Certified Nurse Coach.

I started my practice Wonderfully Made Coaching to support others, who like me, need a customized approach with ongoing support in order to reach and maintain their health goals.  

I continued my personal health goal by earning my Black Belt in Taekwondo in December of 2020.

Most recently I competed in the NPC Figure Competition the Rocky Mountain Championships in November 2021 placing second inWomen's 40 plus and Novice Divisions.  

This accomplishment truly speaks to how far I have come both personally and professionally in my health journey.  

The talk below discusses the caregiver fatigue I experienced after years of advocating and laboring to recover my own children's health.  My personal story of struggle and triumph is why I am so passionate to empower other families to the same end.