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Created for Purpose

"Your works are wonderful" Psalms 139:14


What if God is writing a story for your life that is bigger and better than you ever imagined...

Are you facing overwhelming life, health, or relationship challenges?

Do you have a multitude of physical and emotional symptoms that are impacting your quality of life?

Do you want to improve your life, work, relationships, and overall health?

Do you long for peace and freedom from anxiety, depression, and overwhelming feelings?

Do you want to be healthy in body mind and spirit?

Do you want to let go of habits that hinder your progress and leave you defeated?  

Do you long for deeper meaning and purpose in your life and work?


You've come to the right place

Group Discussion

My Clients find Purpose, Peace, Joy, and Health


Create intention by using techniques to improve your nutrition, physical health, and mindset


Utilize tools to alleviate stress and inflammation, while improving sleep, relaxation, and recovery 

Create a custom plan of action to achieve your personal health goals

Find deeper intimacy and connection with loved ones and reduce conflict and frustrations


Learn to quiet your heart and mind so you can connect more deeply with your Creator and with those you love

Cultivate Joy, purpose, health and deeper intimacy with God and others


Invest in yourself when you work with me


When is the last time you sat down to evaluate your health, your relationship,s and your life purpose in order to set an intention for what you wanted to create in these areas?

Most of us haven't given ourselves the time or space to do this work

I want to invite you to invest in yourself by collaborating with me to design a plan for where you want to grow and thrive

I believe you were created for a purpose and by living the healthiest life possible you will create the capacity to live out that purpose

I want you to achieve the highest state of wellness possible for you

I'm honored to be part of your journey

What people are saying

woman 3_edited.jpg

"I loved how relaxed I felt with the mindfulness moments at the beginning of each session. Kristina put me at ease, and I felt she was truly there for me...At the end of each session, I felt encouraged and motivated to take steps toward positive change in my life."

Allison Green, Family Nurse Practitioner Colorado

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