Created for Purpose

"Your works are marvelous" Psalms 139:14


What if God is writing a story for your life that is bigger and better than you ever imagined...

Are you facing overwhelming life, health, or relationship challenges?

Do you have a multitude of physical and emotional symptoms that are impacting your quality of life?

Do you want to improve your life, work, relationships, and overall health?

Do you long for peace and freedom from anxiety, depression, and overwhelming feelings?

Do you want to be healthy in body mind and spirit?

Do you want to let go of habits that hinder your progress and leave you defeated?  

Do you long for deeper meaning and purpose in your life and work?


You've come to the right place


           Nurse Coach Kristina

I spent most of my life chasing an impossible standard: 



I worked tirelessly to be the perfect student, the perfect friend, the perfect Nurse, the perfect wife

God used the challenges of motherhood to tear down this all-consuming barrier to the joy, peace, contentment, and freedom that only His love could offer me

The ability to control everything in my life dissolved when over the course of almost 17 years, three of my four children faced chronic physical and mental health issues. 


The all-consuming nature of their struggles, along with the constant fear that they would never recover; brought me to my knees.

With three struggling children, plus my own health issues born out of chronic stress and trauma; I could no longer uphold the standard of PERFECTION or even fake it

You see, God was writing a story, one that was better than the one I imagined for me or my children.  Only, I didn't know it yet.  

In this story, He is both the author and the editor; so He is responsible for the outcome,


It is when I relinquished my need to control and instead, trusted in His higher plan; that I was truly set FREE

It is by the grace of God, that my children are whole and recovered today

I believe that God is writing your story too

Even if you don't know Him yet, He's been there every step of the way 

Often, when we are in the thickest part of our struggle, we cannot see where He's going with the plot; nor can we can't imagine an ending that is in favor of us or those we love

I'm here to introduce you to the Author of your story and to see you through to the other side

Let's get started...

Group Discussion

My Clients find Purpose, Peace, and Joy again

In the midst of difficult and challenging life circumstances YOU CAN:

Learn to be more intentional about your nutrition, movement, and mindset 

Find deeper intimacy and connection with your partner and reduce conflict and frustrations

Let go of unmet expectations and embrace God's higher plan for your life

Learn to quiet your heart and mind so you can connect more deeply with your Creator and with those you love

Cultivate Joy, purpose, and deeper intimacy with God and others


Invest in yourself when you work with me


Christ-Centered Personalized Coaching


With over twenty years of Nursing experience, serving children and families with complex medical needs;  I am uniquely suited to help you navigate difficult medical concerns along with the trauma, stress, and conflict that often results from such challenges.  

I have a Bible Minor along with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  

I bring the best of Holistic Coaching paired with a Christ-Centered World View to support you in all realms of your life

I will lovingly challenge your excuses and the stories that are keeping you stuck

I will support you in letting go of habits that are hindering your progress


I will help you become more present in your day-to-day life so you can experience deeper relationships and more life joy satisfaction


I am available to work with 1-2 private clients or couples per calendar year on an interview-only bases

I coach small groups of women around specific health goals, please contact me to see if you are a good fit for my group coaching

I offer a mentorship program for Christian Nurse Coaches twice a year 

Please contact me for more information  

Let's work together

What people are saying

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"I loved how relaxed I felt with the mindfulness moments at the beginning of each session. Kristina put me at ease, and I felt she was truly there for me...At the end of each session, I felt encouraged and motivated to take steps toward positive change in my life."

Allison Green, Family Nurse Practitioner Colorado

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